What’s cooler than being cool?

The Ice Bucket Challenge


I used to plan for the worst case scenario but then i realized better stuff happens to me if i plan ahead for the better stuff and if the bad stuff did happen i could always make a plan then and there to deal with it and then avoid stressing about it all the time up till the bad thing happened.

But, always be prepared.

I think

nothing on this world is ever REALLY going to be a problem. Apart from sharks maybe… i don’t know. I just know it’s not worth stressing till you get bit.

If you’re meant to get bit then cool. What a story! Don’t plan for bad things that might happen, instead plan for all the wicked stuff you want to get up to in the short time you’re on the world and if stuff comes about to fuck up those plans.. So be it, get yo shit together and start planning some new wicked stuff.